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As a brewer you may be excellent at making your final product, but sometimes you may need help with all the work that goes into planning, setting up, running and managing a brewery. 

At Legacy we care about the success of our clients and friends' projects, and that's why we provide a range of services to make sure your business is profitable and your beer is excellent.

We have developed a series of consulting and support services services to help you in the planning, execution, start-up and operation of your brewery. You are not alone in the start-up of your project. Reach out to us.

We take care of everything and deliver the equipment "Turnkey".

This series of advisories and consultancies is focused on the human capital and the internal process of your brewery. From the analysis of the viability of the project, until the first beer is fermenting.

Members of the Legacy team will accompany you in the process to help you hone your skills as a brewer, marketer, entrepreneur, and businessperson, through the following coaching, consulting, and services:

    • Project feasibility analysis.
    • Advice on planning, installation and start-up of breweries (national and international).
    • Operation, process and product diagnostics.
    • Professional support for start-up operations.
    • Creation of operating manuals (S.O.P.).
    • Business consulting.
    • Marketing and brand identity plans.
    • Instruction and training of team members (production, sales, beer appreciation, etc.). 

Specific advisory services:

  • Beer lagering and storage processes.
  • Spontaneous fermentation.
  • Barrel programs.
  • Bottling and packaging.
  • Job placement and recruiting.

Used equipment deserves a second chance. If you are having problems with your stainless steel equipment, we can help. “Pimp My Brew's” services focus on upgrading services focus on upgrading existing equipment, repairing it, "pimping" it and making it ready to continue working. Among these services we offer:

  • Engineering visits to diagnose modifications and improvements.
  • Equipment repairs.
  • Upgrades and modifications to existing equipment.
  • Piping system design and installation.
  • Jacketed and insulated tanks.
  • Installation of Rake and Plow systems.
  • Installation of process ports.
  • Installation of manways.