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Breweries using Legacy TC's

Professional Brewing Equipment.

Our Work

Working with Legacy has been a great experience. There is no doubt that their team is of excellent quality and their collaborators are highly prepared. 100% recommended.

The decision to work with Legacy was the personal approach to understand our needs, and to get involved in the craft beer industry. It was a very positive experience. They are no longer just equipment suppliers to us, they are consultants for our products.

Legacy is a great option to start a brewing project, excellent equipment and services are proof of this, in addition to providing the experience shown in their ambassadors such as Carlos (Rambo) who supports throughout the process.

Working with Legacy is a guarantee of great quality, but above all of excellent customer service. In the Legacy family, there is no big or small, everyone is important.

We decided to work with Legacy as they are a serious, flexible, and committed company, with desire and courage to progress.

We decided to work with Legacy because we know their people and their work. Personal communication with them is valuable to us. We know their work and their skills in stainless steel crafts. They are exceptional in the trade. The Legacy team is ready to do what it takes to make your project work.

We decided to work with Legacy because of their quality and unique image in their work, the attention I received was 24/7, I had never worked with a company so committed to their customer service. I would definitely buy again with Legacy.

Our decision to work with Legacy because the quality of their equipment is excellent and this at the same time is reflected in my beer. The equipment is wonderful.

Fermentation is a delicate process, you need high quality tanks with specific qualities. We decided to work with Legacy because we want to play it safe with equipment that we know is of excellent quality. In addition, the service is unparalleled.