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Brewhouses. 3.5BBL-20BBL (400L-2,500L).

When your brewery's production capacity is no longer sufficient to supply the market, and you have an established distribution chain, you should consider expanding your installed production capacity. This is when you should look for a professional brewhouse from Legacy. Our high production equipment will allow you to manufacture a range of 15,000 to 50,000 liters per month, although the production limit will be defined by you: the brewer.

En la casa de cocción extraerás las azúcares del grano para posteriormente fermentarlas. Una casa de cocción eficiente te permitirá extraer una gran cantidad de azúcares para maximizar la eficiencia de tu proceso.

We have equipment for steam or direct fire. You, the brewer, have the alternative to choose the heat source that best suits your process, your space and your budget.

Brewery stoves
3.5BBL-7BBL (400L-800L).

When small equipment is no longer enough for you, it's time to grow. Legacy's microbrewers are designed for the brewer who is already a full-time brewer, and wants to increase production to move up in the marketplace. For productions from 1,600 to 10,000 liters per month, Legacy's Nano line is your best alternative in medium brewing equipment that fits your budget.

Custom-designed equipment.

Not all beers are the same; not all breweries have the same process; not all brewers want the same equipment.

At Legacy we know that every brewer thinks and cooks differently, so we'd love to sit down and talk about your ideas for incorporating them into some of our equipment, or designing custom equipment for you. We're here to help.