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We are dedicated to the steel industry

Legacy Tecnología Cervecera S.A. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the production of sanitary stainless steel equipment for beverages. Primarily beer brewing equipment. As well as consultancy consulting and start-up of brewing production projects.

Additionally, Legacy works with industries apart from beer, such as the coffee industry (focused on ColdBrew processes). In addition, Legacy works with industries outside beer, such as the coffee industry (focused on ColdBrew processes); we manufacture plants, tanks and equipment for the production of juices, carbonated beverages, RTD (ready to drink beverages), and hard seltzers; we have collaborated with the meat, fish, and poultry industries; and the food and beverage industries in general.


We will develop the ideal software for your process, incorporating your specific needs, and we will complement it with the appropriate design of piping, sensors, pumps, valves, and everything you require to make your process efficient and 100% replicable.

We specialize in tanks, but we can also offer you a wide range of tables and workstations, industrial tubs, and display furniture. All tailored to your specific needs and space.
Whether you have tanks or equipment in need of assessment or repair, want to implement a piping process, or have an idea to upgrade your equipment, we can help. We have specialized engineers and welders to perform surgical operations on your equipment and make the necessary installations and modifications to benefit your process.

Two and three vat immersion pasteurizers. Designed for the pasteurization of bottles and cans. Controllers and pumps are selected according to the specific project. Available from 240 to 1000 bottles.



Cold brew production at different scales. At Legacy we understand that not all producers want to make the same type of cold brew. Each one of us likes coffee with different intensity; different aroma; different color; different flavor. That is why we have developed the line of “Cold Brew Kings”. Legacy's equipment for cold coffee extraction. Take control of your process. Create cold brew perfection.

Available from 40L and up.
Made in Mexico.

The inside of the tank is the most important part, since it is what is in contact with your product, and at Legacy we know that. Our team does not use chemical additives to achieve "artificial" finishes. We care about the integrity of your process and the durability of your tank, and we give you the finish that is right for you without affecting the integrity of the materials.

Available from 60L and up.

Whatever the production method or end product, we can help you. We have agitation systems for materials of various viscosities, densities and weights. And together with you, we will select the most suitable heat source for your final product. We have direct fire, indirect fire, steam, and electric equipment in selected designs. In parallel, we can offer you a wide variety of process pumps.

Available from 40L and up.

Stop worrying about the production process and concentrate your efforts on growing your business. Reach out to us, build your legacy.