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We are an independent Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and equipment for breweries, distilleries, wineries, coffee (cold brew), hard seltzers, R.T.D.s, kombucha, and beverages in general. We provide consultancy services for all types of processes, from the architectural planning of the production plant, to consultancy services for specific processes in beer production.

We are experts in steel. We can meet any stainless steel need of our customers.


The name Legacy was born out of man's need to leave a legacy; a mark by which he will be remembered. In our case, we want our brand to be reflected in more and better stainless steel and brewing equipment in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. We base our philosophy on working hard, so we can play even harder.

We are people who understand the value of work. We understand that success is only achieved through mutual help, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. We are a member of your team. We are proud part of the North American brewing industry


• The best equipment
• High quality raw materials
• Specific processes by production stage
• High efficiency designs


• We strengthen and support the local and regional business
• Alliances with high end local and regional suppliers
• High quality equipment made in Mexico
• Regional investment, regional commerce, circular economy


• We want you to focus your resources on the success of your business
• High quality equipment at a fair price. That's it


Legacy is not a person; it is a team. A group of people who work every day to be better. We are a multidisciplinary team, formed by highly qualified production personnel; engineers with attention to quality and design; an administrative team focused on maximizing and protecting your investment; and a group of consultants and commercial advisors that will help you take your project to success. We are beer professionals.

We are people like you, who made the decision to become independent entrepreneurs in the beer industry. We drink beer, we make beer, we live for beer.

At Legacy we share your passion.