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Accessories and Peripheral Equipment

While brewhouses and tanks are extremely important parts of the brewing process, there are external components that play an equally important role in the process.

  1. Heat exchangers. A brewer knows that beer knock-out is extremely important. But they also know that a plate heat exchanger is extremely delicate, and it is imperative that it be of good quality to avoid contamination. Like the pumps, the heat exchangers are 100% Mexican. The components we have selected for our equipment are the best you will find on the market at a fair price.
  2. Transfer pumps. The process of transferring wort or finished beer is very delicate and risky. The most common oxidation problems are the result of a wrong transfer or made with an inadequate pump. At Legacy we offer pumps specifically designed for the brewing process. We have centrifugal, helicoidal and diaphragm pumps. All made in Mexico.
  3. Glycol chillers. The real value of a fermentation tank is achieved when it is complemented with an efficient glycol chiller. The glycol chiller will be the component of the refrigeration system that will maintain the ideal fermentation temperature in each tank of your brewery independently (requires temperature control for each tank).
  4. Other peripheral devices:
          • Addition equipment.
          • Barrel washers.
          • Filters.
          • Yeast propagators.
          • Specialized accessories.
          • Boilers.
          • Burners.
          • Controls and automation.
          • Immersion pasteurizers.
          • Glycol Chillers

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