About Legacy

Legacy Tecnología Cervecera (Legacy Brewing Technology) is a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the fabrication of stainless steel brewing equipment, and the consulting and startup of brewing projects. Legacy is born as a response to the real needs of the Latin American brewing industry.

We go beyond brewing. We're experts in working with stainless steel. We can meet the needs of almost any industry that requires stainless steel industrial equipment. Each project is a new challenge for us. Reach out to us and you'll understand our passion.

We are people that, just like you, made the decision to start an independent business in the brewing industry. We drink beer, we brew, we live for beer. In Legacy we share your passion. That is why we can give the brewers in Mexico and Latin America an alternative in brewing equipment that balances quality and price.

We have combined our vast experience in stainless steel tank manufacturing with our extensive knowledge of brewing processes, to design a brewing equipment that is efficient, with a stellar design, and an accessible cost.

On the other hand, over 10 combined years of experience fabricating stainless steel brewing equipment have allowed us to get you in contact with the best suppliers there are, to ensure that your project is a successful one.

We understand that the brewing industry thrives thanks to the principle of "buying local". We believe that every industry should focus on this principle, in consuming local. This way we can strengthen the micro-economy and support the development of our communities.

Local consumption is the best alternative to strengthen our economy. Buying local will secure the existence of our industry, and the future of our businesses. And we, Legacy, are 100% local, 100% Mexican.


The name of "Legacy" comes from the need of men to create a legacy; a footprint for which he will be remembered. In our case, we want our brand to be the reflection of more and better stainless steel brewing equipment. We base our philosophy on working hard, and playing harder.

We are people who understand the value of working. We understand that success is only achieved through mutual help and team work. We are part of the team of the Mexican brewers. We are part of the Mexican industry.

Rebellion, punk rock, beer, loyalty and friendship. Some of the values that define us and that will prevail through our Legacy.

The team

Legacy is not a person; it is everyone who works every day to strive for something better. To become the best. Here are some pictures of our team members: