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We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated primarily to the fabrication of stainless steel brewing equipment, and general consulting for startup projects. However, Legacy is a versatile company. We can supply the needs of any industry that requires stainless steel equipment.

Legacy was born as a response to the brewing equipment needs and stainless steel needs of different industries in Mexico and Latin America, but now we are expanding our scope to the entire American continent. We design brewing equipment, cellaring tanks, and stainless steel equipment of the highest quality, taking into consideration the expertise of our hundreds of brewer friends, and expert sources in other industries. Always incorporating the latest technology into our designs; ensuring that you will have the best brewing system at a fair price.

We can work with you regardless of your industry. Whether it is the brewing industry, food chain, cosmetics, chemical industry, meat processing (poultry, pork, beef, fish), or any other industry, we are here to help.

Count on us to #buildyourlegacy.

Brewhouse. Direct fire. 3.5Bbl (410 L).

3.5Bbl direct fire brewhouse.

Beer Brewing Equipment

  • Grain handling

    It is necessary to have a space for dry storage, where you will keep malts and other products that should not be exposed to moisture.

  • Brewhouses

    A good brewing operation, regardless of the size, requires a good mill and a good brewhouse.

  • Beer cellaring tanks

    We design each tank and ensure that every inch of steel is completely sanitary.

  • Peripheral equipment

    In Legacy we have found the best suppliers of peripheral equipment to ensure that your brewing operation is the most efficient.

  • Accessories

    Whether you need valves, ferrules, clamps, or any measuring equipment, we've got what you need.

  • Automation and software

    From administrative software for breweries, to fully automated brewing operations.

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