Mills and grain transport

In a brewery, it is necessary to have a specific space for dry storage to keep malt and other products that must be kept away from moisture. At times, grain milling can be done in a separate and isolated room, designed specifically for the mill.


We say it and experts will confirm it: well milled grain is the cornerstone of any good mash. An efficient extraction can only be obtained when there is adequate grain milling. In Legacy we have designed efficient grain mills to ensure that your production is pleasant, simple, and efficient.

Grain transport (auger)

A mill will break the grain to the exact point to extract the most amount of sugars available. After milling, you need to take the grain to the brewhouse. In order to help you transport the grain, we offer you a bazzoka auger, that will transport your grain through a stainless (or carbon) steel tube, delivering it directly into your hopper.