Even though brewhouses and tanks are extremely important parts of any brewing operation, there are external components that play a crucial role in the process.

We support local businesses. In Legacy we have found the best local suppliers of peripheral equipment to ensure that your brewing operation is the most efficient and pleasant, while giving you the certainty that we are just a phone call away for costumer service.

Support local businesses. Buy local. Buy what's made near you.

Steam boilers and burners

Brewhouses require a heat source to operate. You, the brewer, have the alternative to choose the heat source that's best for your process, your space, and your budget. In Legacy we fabricate steam, direct fire, and electric systems (nano). The first one requires the installation of a steam boiler, the second will need a gas line for each burner in each vessel.

Heat Exchangers

A brewer knows that the "knock-out" of wort is extremely important. A brewer also knows that a heat exchanger is an extremely sensitive part of the process, and it is imperative that it is of high quality to prevent contaminations. Just like pumps, boilers, and chillers, the heat exchangers used by Legacy are made in Mexico. The components used in our system are top quality, the best in the market, at a fair price.

Transfer Pumps

The process of transferring wort or finished beer is very delicate and risky. The most common problems of oxidation happen as a result of a poorly executed transfer, or using the wrong pump. In Legacy, we offer specific pumps for specific parts of the brewing process. We have centrifugal pumps, helical pumps, and diaphragm pumps. All of them made in Mexico.

Glycol Chillers

The real value of a tank is reached when it is complemented with an efficient glycol chiller. The glycol chiller will be the component of the refrigeration system that will maintain ideal temperature for each one of your tanks independently (requires temperature control per individual tank).