Brewhouse. Direct fire. 5Bbl (586 L).

Nano breweries, micro breweries, professional breweries and custom brewhouses

Una buena operación cervecera, sin importar el tamaño, empieza con un buen molino y una buena casa de cocción. En la casa de cocción (brewhouse) extraerás las azúcares del grano para posteriormente fermentarlas. Una casa de cocción eficiente te permitirá extraer una gran cantidad de azúcares para maximizar la eficiencia de tu proceso. Ofrecemos casas de cocción hechas pensando en la rentabilidad de tu negocio y la comodidad y eficiencia de tu día de cocción.

Professional breweries (12.5-30Bbl / 1500L - 3500L)

When the production capacity of your brewery has been overpowered by your sales team and you can't brew enough to satisfy the market, you need to consider jumping to the next level of production. At that moment you need to find a professional brewhouse by Legacy. Our high yield production lines will allow you to brew, ferment, and package aywhere between 130Bbl-420Bbl (15,000L - 50,000L) each month, although the limit will be set by you: the brewer.

Nano breweries (1/2Bbl - 3Bbl / 60L-350L)

When the passion of homebrewing takes you to the next level, and you are ready to make brewing your full time job, we are your best option. Legacy's nano breweries are designed for the amateur brewer who wants to increase production considerably, and wants to make a full time job out of his brewing hobby. For productions starting at 4Bbl-12.5Bbl (500L-1500L) per month, Legacy's nano breweries are your best alternative in brewing equipment.



Micro Breweries (3-10Bbl / 400-1200L)

As soon as small brewing systems are maxed out, it's time to move forward. Legacy's micro breweries are designed for the brewer who has taken up the craft as a full time endeavour, and wishes to increase production to advance in the market. For productions ranging from 12.5Bbl - 85Bbl (1,500 - 10,000L) per month, the line of micro breweries by Legacy is your best bet for mid-sized systems.

Customized brewhouses

Not all beer is created equal; not all breweries have the same process; not all brewers want the same brewing equipment. In Legacy we know that every brewer things and brews differently; that's why we love to sit down and talk about your ideas to incorporate them in one of our existing designs, or create something suited to your specific wants and needs. We are here to help you.

Full production line. 3.5Bbl (410L).